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I'm very sorry, but the Old Fox has to disappoint you. Foxbarn picking will be discontinued and live on only as a fond memory.

Right now, 2021, going forward with a bluegrass festival proves pointless; A meeting of bluegrass enthusiasts being forced to keep their distance while wearing facemasks just isn't going to cut it.

Losing another year really got me thinking.

An organisational and financial reboot in 2022 would be a lot like starting over from scratch. There actually is some incentive to do so; It would be fun to do and I would look forward to the enthousiastic response of volunteers and visitors.


But, a reboot would also require a lot of hard work done over and a new substantial personal financial input. To do this at age 72 makes me wonder if I could keep up the effort for at least another five years or so. I seriously doubt that. That's why I decided to discontinue Foxbarn Picking.

Every enhousiast, every musician, the great bands we had the honour to host, the supercharming and motivated Off Road Cooking Club, the crewmembers who became close friends; I consider them Foxbarn family and carry them in my heart forever.

Kind and warm regards,
The Old Fox.

Bluegrass. Don't cut it. Pick it!